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How to know when a Leo woman is done with you? 10 Signs

Leo women are looking for a soulmate to build a future with. Their insecurities could make them irritable and scornful when they hate someone. The Leo woman is merciless when dealing with cheating partners. Is your Leo woman going cold and getting distant? What are the signs she has lost interest? How does she behave when she falls out of love? How do Leo women act when hurt or betrayed? Do Leos move on quickly or are they forgiving?

Here are 10 signs to understand if a Leo woman is done with you and how she would react if she is no longer interested in the relationship:

1. She’ll be passive aggressive

Leo women behave like queens wherever they go. They are born leaders who like stealing the limelight with their magnetic energy. If you hurt a Leo woman or ignore her, you’ll notice her aloofness.The Leo woman could push you away and pretend like all is fine. She is skilled at hiding her disappointments by choosing to give you a cold shoulder and avoiding all confrontations. When the Leo woman is done with you, she’ll observe you silently without explaining her ‘weirdness’ or lack of affection towards you.

2. She exerts her ego

If you hurt a Leo woman, be prepared to face her wrath. This is also a reason why Leos are so hard to date. She’ll demand your attention and expect you to do as she pleases. Your wishes would take a backseat and she’ll play with your mind to give you a taste of your own medicine. The Leo woman is moody and has a fragile ego that needs repeated stroking or she’ll be disconnected from you. You could actually be introduced to her dark side and her haughtiness when you fail her. As generous as she could be if she is impressed, you’ll also experience her ruthlessness when she is double crossed.

3. She’ll flirt with other men

Leo natives are generally playful and creative. They are fun to hang around with and a charismatic personality as theirs naturally garners attention. If she is disappointed in you, she’ll need other avenues to vent her frustration. She is a player if she wants to have casual relationships. She’ll leverage her confidence, make new connections and swiftly move on. There is no place for cheaters in her life and if the Leo female catches you red handed, she’ll surely show you the door out of her life.

4. She stops splurging on you

The women born under the Leo Zodiac sign are known for their grandeur. They love taking care of those they call family. Trust that the Leo woman will spoil you with the best that money can buy when she declares her love for you. However, if you notice that she does not make grand plans, cancels or does not accompany you on romantic dinner dates it could point out at her unwillingness to pamper you with luxurious experiences. She’ll tend to get conservative about her hard earned resources because she does not feel strongly about your value in her life. Thus, the Leo woman is unwilling to pursue you any further.

5. She’ll seek revenge or punish you

The Leo woman would never spare you if you abuse her trust or betray her. Leos get angry easily. She is intolerant of deceit and treachery. Like a queen she would seek vengeance and put you to place. Dealing with their rage is quite a task but she’ll listen to none of your excuses until she has destroyed you to her heart’s content. Leo women are perhaps the least forgiving because their egos are too exalted to accept defeat or insult, especially those they have loved with a sincere heart.

6. She cuts you off

She’ll brush off the pain very soon and pretend like you never existed in her life. The Leo woman will disconnect on all levels with you and block you over calls and texts. She is regal and has no time for things that do not conform to her rules and standards. They are quick tempered and will make hasty decisions without any regard for the immediate consequences of their anger. She’ll also vent out her frustration. So, you’ll be in her line of fire and face unkind or mean words till her fury subsides.

7. She does not seem jealous

On any given day when a Leo woman is in a relationship with you, she’ll be extremely jealous if someone tries to get close to you. She has a competitive spirit making them super attractive to the opposite sex. She’ll be irritated and throw tantrums or use sarcasm to make it obvious that she is angered. Leo females are territorial. If you betray or try to dominate her with your high-handedness, she’ll make you pay for it. As she chooses to move out of your life, she’ll appear least bothered about your involvements or flirtatious tendencies, if any.

8. She stops planning activities with you

Leo women are talented and creative. They would love to be involved in tasks and engagements that bring out her positive qualities and where she gets to leave a mark. She wants to be victorious. She wants to be admired and hailed for her strengths. This means that she would need you to be a witness to it by tagging along and being involved. However, if the Leo woman excludes you from her plans or does not feel excited to have you as her comrade, she may break up with you soon.

9. Your sex life is dysfunctional with her

Sex with a Leo woman is a war zone. Her sex appeal is awe inspiring. You’ll love the experimentations, the role plays, the childlike playfulness and even enjoy her dominance while she explores every inch of you. She is a performer and a giver. She’ll cuddle and Male you feel comfortable no matter how awkward the situation evolves into. She is enthusiastic about a satisfying sex life with a worthy partner. However, if Leo woman acts cold around you and shows no interest in participating in a passionate exchange of emotions during the act, she doesn’t love you.

10. She does not bring up talks of a future with you

The Leo woman will fill your life with joy and happiness when she really cares about your well-being. She’ll be determined to start a family with you if you meet her criteria. When she deliberately makes an effort to avoid speaking about her future goals or seems secretive about her life, she wants to keep you at a distance and not raise your expectations. As individuals who knew their promises, Leo women will maintain a surprisingly low-key approach to dealing with you just to avoid complicating her life.