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You Know You’re Dating A Leo When: 5 Good & 5 Bad Relationship Habits

When it comes to astrology, your sign can say a lot about you, including your relationship habits. Here are some things to know about dating a Leo.

Sometimes you can tell what zodiac sign your partner is based on their relationship habits; regardless if it is a good or bad habit. If your partner seems like they have high energy more often than not, are pretty outgoing a majority of the time, and seem to have this amazing creative flair to them, then there is a good chance that you are dating a Leo.

Leo’s are firey just like the element they represent; fire. When this zodiac sign falls in love, they fall hard and love with everything that they have. But don’t ever let them catch you in a lie because they might just seek out equal revenge! Continue reading to learn more about the good and bad relationship habits that let you know when you are definitely dating a Leo!

10. Good: They Are Low Maintenance & Easy To Keep Happy

Leos generally tend to be the most low maintenance out of all the zodiac signs. And that is a really good thing! They are easy to keep happy and that could be because they appreciate the little things in life. It’s the little things that make and keep them happy; small gestures.

They don’t usually need extravagant and expensive things in order to make them happy. You could bring them a single rose instead of the whole bouquet and it would make them happy and they would appreciate that gesture because they know that you were thinking of them.

9. Bad: They Can Be Pretty Jealous

Leo’s are known for their jealous tendencies. They don’t like when they have to compete with others for the person that they love. If their partner were to flirt with someone in front of them.

Whether the partner realizes they are doing so or not, there is a good chance that the Leo will get angry and jealous and they might even do it right back to their partner; sometimes even worse and especially if it is at the beginning of the relationship. Once they are committed they ate committed and they expect the same thing from their partner.

8.Good: They Don’t Play Head Games (They Are Honest)

Leo’s are not known for playing head games with the person they are in a relationship with. It’s one of those “what you see is what you get” kind of things. They won’t sugar coat anything and will tell you exactly what they think and what is going on.

Leo’s are honest and honesty is an excellent quality to have in a partner. They might even sometimes give their partner a little too much information; almost like giving the person they are with a play-by-play of their entire day.

7. Bad: They Can Be Overly Sensitive

Leo the lions are sensitive creatures and will often take things that people say to heart; especially if what is being said comes from the person they love. They tend to need lots of nurturing and reassurance with almost everything that they do.

If you are in a relationship with a Leo be gentle with them whenever possible, especially if you think that what you have to say to them could potentially hurt their overly sensitive feelings. It might not take much to make a Leo cry.

6. Good: Leo’s Are Very Loyal Once In A Committed Relationship

When you are in a committed relationship with a Leo you will quickly be able to find out how loyal they are. Their loyalty runs deep. The beginning of the relationship may seem a bit rocky at first, but once they are committed to you, they will never do anything to intentionally betray your trust.

They will have eyes for you and only you. Leo’s are even known to stay in relationships when it might not be the best thing for them because of their loyalty to the person they are with. They aren’t quitters.

5. Bad: They Need Reassure That You Like Them & That You Are All Theirs

Leo’s are known for needing reassurance with certain things that they do. This also includes needing reassurance they you actually like or love them. While it doesn’t take much to reassure a Leo that you are theirs and only theirs, having to constantly reassure someone of something can sometimes become draining or daunting for some people.

If you aren’t up for being able to reassure someone that you want to be with them, then you might want to consider seeking out other zodiac sings.

4. Good: They Will Give Their Partner Lots Of Love & Attention

Leo’s love to shower the person they are seeing romantically with lots of love and attention. You know you are dating a Leo when their attention is always on you and only you. Sometimes, for a Leo, it might be like no one exists but you because to them, there isn’t anyone else but you.

It can be amazing to feel like you are the only girl or guy in the world to your partner. Leo’s will always make you feel special.

3 . Bad: Leo’s HATE Being Told What To Do

Leo’s are natural-born leaders; they don’t like to run with the crowd because they would rather be leading it. Leo’s are notorious for hating being told what to do; what leader does though, right? Even in relationships, Leo’s like to take the lead and often needs someone who is willing to let them do so.

In relationships, Leos has to learn how to take lead sometimes and realize that they can’t always be in control which is often hard for them to do.

2. Good: They Are Very Generous & Warm-Hearted

Leo’s have a good heart and are very warm-hearted and generous. These mighty lions love giving and will do anything they can to make their loved ones happy; even if that means taking away from their own happiness at times. They will literally give you the shirt off of their backs if they see that you need one.

They have pure kindness that shines bright and true. Their kindness can sometimes be infectious as well. Be prepared to be pampered if you are in a relationship with a Leo.

1. Bad: Leo’s Are Famous For Being Overly Dramatic

Leo’s tend to have a bit of a dramatic side to them which can sometimes drive their partner bonkers. Everything negative or unwanted that happens to them may seem like the end of their world to them.

The term “drama queen” or “drama king” could apply perfectly to a Leo. Try not to let their overdramatic tendencies hinder how you feel about your Leo if you find yourself in a relationship with one because their kind-heartedness surely makes up for how overdramatic they can sometimes get.