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10 Ways to Really Love a Leo

Leo is symbolized by the Lion—the King of the Jungle, and represented by the Sun. The Leo personality is meant to shine and few can match the brightness of their radiance. But what are they like inside? What are their deepest fears? What turns them on and will bring out their famous loyalty? Read on to learn more about the Leo lover, or if you are a Leo you might discover some things about what will help improve your relationships.

What Leo Needs from a Lover

More than anything else, Leo needs to feel special and unique. In a relationship they need that admiration from their partner. This need of Leo’s doesn’t come from arrogance or selfishness; it’s because they are focused on the Self with a capital “S” and how to be the best person they can be. For this reason they are usually generous and kind, with a really big and loving heart. But they need this generosity reflected back to them in the form of love and admiration.

How Leo Shows Love

Because of Leo’s gigantic heart and generosity, Leo is given to grand gestures of love and affection, such as big bouquets of flowers and romantic dinners. Most Leo types will not be afraid to express their feelings, but if those feelings and gestures aren’t acknowledged with great appreciation and thanks they will hesitate before offering up their loving gestures a second time.

Astrological Types Most Compatible with Leo.

More than any sign (even Libra!) Leo makes an effort to get along with just about everyone. They tend to be “people” persons and enjoy interacting with different kinds of people. They are most comfortable with astrological types that tend to be open, such as other fire and air signs. They are least compatible with Virgos or Capricorns, who can be more restrictive and work too hard to bring Leo down to earth, or with Pisces whose sensitivity can crumble under Leo’s stubborn magnificence.

How to Open the Leo Heart

The fastest way to a Leo’s heart is to help her to feel good about herself. The more appreciated Leos feel, the more love they feel. Like the sun, they need to shine on an adoring public. They don’t take kindly to criticism, even if it’s constructive, and a lack of recognition of their many talents could cause them to look elsewhere for gratification.

Turn-ons for Leo

Leo’s need for admiration can extend into the bedroom. Leo is the showman, and will generally give an excellent sexual performance as well. It’s important to Leos to be seen as proficient in any talent, and appreciation for their sexual skills is an important part of the bargain. Some Leo types are exhibitionists due to their love of being noticed. A big turn-off for Leo? Any hint that there have been other lovers in your life. The King of the Jungle does not care for competition!

Leo’s Deepest Love Secret

Leos need constant admiration and adoration, and this makes them very vulnerable–but the famous Leo pride will never let them admit it. In the dark when no one is watching, Leo is often plagued with self-doubt. That is when they need the support of their lover more than ever, to help prop up their confidence once again so that they can shine brightly, as only Leo can.

Things to Avoid with Your Leo Beloved

The confidence and sunshine exuded by your Leo lover makes it easy to forget how vulnerable he or she really is. Criticizing Leos or undermining their confidence in any way will result in an emotional shutdown or worse, a flare-up of Leo’s famous anger that can be challenging to break through.

How to Communicate with Leo

Direct communication works best with Leo, but it is important not to undermine the famous Leo pride. Leo is not good with subtlety, so there’s no use dropping hints or playing emotional games. But direct communication can also threaten Leo’s comfort level if it begins to feel the least bit like criticism. If you want to be heard by your Leo, it’s best to begin with a compliment to warm up the Leo heart, then speak directly–and from your heart.

How to Connect Spiritually with Leo

Leo lives very much in the present and is one of the astrological types that is the least interested in spirituality. Life is much more about experience and self-expression, and one’s spiritual life needs to reflect that. If your Leo IS spiritually driven, it will likely be important that the two of you participate together. Everything in the life of a Leo is designed to reflect the inner Self, and that is true of their spiritual world as well.

How to Hold onto a Leo Forever

Love your Leo with an open heart. Encourage and support them when they are down and admire them for their special talents, and your Leo will remain devoted to you throughout eternity. They are loyal to a fault, and very capable of a deep commitment as long as they feel valued and cherished. Accomplish this, and your life with Leo will be filled with more love than you can imagine.